Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Your hair needs it's own Zip Code!"

Last night a friend of ours threw a little party. He called this party "Whiskey and Windsuits." This friend loves to throw costume parties and this one was certainly a blast! I don't drink whiskey but I can certainly rock a windsuit!

After scouring a friends closet we came up with some pretty awesome outfits - then, way too much blush, eye shadow, a can of hairspray and a few hours in hot rollers later, we were ready to party!

He had this party in his basement, just as I can imagine a party back in the day may have taken place!

We danced to some great 80's music... footloose!

Some of these pictures crack me up, because they look like we are straight out of 1992!

well, minus my addidas workout pants - those were Ben's from high school. I couldn't find any windsuit pants to match my jacket.

Of course Ben wore orange - are we surprised?  Yea, I didn't think so

We all decided that while windsuits really are so comfy and warm - flattering they are not! It's funny though how you put someone in a costume and they start acting crazy!


A Cajun Belle said...

Haha! Y'all are so cute in those windsuits!

Amanda said...

that windsuit jacket is awesome... i think it's better than our old ones. it's probably best that we didn't find them!

The Morrows said...

Hahaha.... You were def working it!!

Katie said...

this is so stinkin funny!!!!!