Sunday, February 6, 2011

A little Christmas...A little Valentines

Christmas and Valentines - what do these two holidays have in common?

oh, you're right - not a lot. BUT I have two things I want to show you so I just combined them to one post. You're welcome.

First up we have Christmas cards. I love Christmas cards. I love sending them and most of all I love receiving them. I love having them displayed at Christmas and looking at them when I walk by.  Well, once Christmas is over what is one to do with all the cards that people send? I love any and all cards, but my favorites are the photo cards and I hate to throw them away when Christmas is over. So this year I decided that I would start a scrapbook of Christmas cards to keep over the years. I don't scrapbook on a regular basis so I didn't really have a good way to keep up with our card either. 

I just bought a basic red scrapbook at the ole trusty Hobby Lobby (And of course I waited until it was 50% off because you're crazy if you buy anything full price there!) and some cute Christmas-y paper, and away I went

On the first page I put the year, which I cut out with my Cricut, and then put our Christmas card. I thought this would be a fun way to start off each years cards!

On the next few pages I just placed the cards from friends on the pages. I think this will be fun to look back over the pages as the years go by and see how everyone has grown and changed. Cute, right?

What do you do you with your cards every year?

And now on to Valentines......

First let it be said that I do not like most things valentines related.
Hearts: Thanks, but no thanks!
Red Roses: I'll pass
Teddy Bears: Um, nope!
Candy: Okay, sure - I'll take that! :) 
So  I usually don't do much in the valentines decorating, but I like to keep something festive on our door so I made a wreath. It seemed a lot cuter in my head and I probably won't keep this and use it again next year, but I'm not completely unsatisfied with it. 

Do you decorate for Valentines? What do you do? 


Amanda said...

Love the Christmas card idea... maybe I'll start one of those!