Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Will it BEE?! - Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal? What? You mean I haven't blogged yet that Ben and I are expecting?! Well, we are!! Our little babe will be here sometime in December. Our due date is December 24th, but I can honestly say I hope the baby comes early. Who wants to have their birthday on Christmas?!  Regardless of when the baby gets here, we cannot wait!!

Ben and I found out last Monday what we are having and we couldn't wait to share the news with our friends and family. Long before I was expecting I knew I wanted to have a gender reveal party. I always thought they were so cute, and I love an excuse to party.  But after I planned the party, Ben told me that he did not want to find out what the gender was in front of other people. He felt like that was a private moment to be shared with between us, so we went ahead with the party and decided we would just know before hand.

During the ultrasound we asked the tech not to tell or show us the gender, but to put it in  an envelope and seal it up so we couldn't peek! The baby was very healthy and everything about the ultrasound was perfect! Praise the Lord! We met with the doctor after the ultrasound then left to go open the envelope. I thought we would go grab coffee or something to eat and open the envelope there, but as we were walking to the car Ben said "let's just open it in the car - I can't wait!" -  haha, it was so cute. We opened the envelope, cried and laughed, then called our parents to tell them the news!

Okay, now for pictures of the party.  Here is the invitation we mailed out. The colors and theme of the party were bees, yellow and black. 

Since the party was at 6:30 we just had light appetizers and punch. I tried to keep the food yellow and black as well to keep with the theme. I served yellow corn dip served with black (blue?) corn chips, pineapple and black grape skewers, BBQ meatballs, cake, and pineapple-lemonade punch. 

We asked everyone to wear PINK if they thought it was a girl and BLUE if they thought it was a BOY. Ben and I wore yellow since we knew what it was and didn't want to give it away!

Somehow the night went by and Ben and I never took a picture together - But anyway, in order to reveal the gender I wanted to do something different than cutting a cake or biting into cupcakes. Since Ben and I already knew the gender, I tried to think of something a little more fun.  I found a BumbleBee pinata and stuffed it full of Hershey bars. I intended to color the HE in Hershey blue if the baby was a boy, or the SHE in Hershey pink of the baby was a girl, but the color kept rubbing off so I had to come up with another plan.  My 12 year old cousin hit the pinata first, and after two hits it split right open. I didn't get to take many pictures because he opened it so quickly.

 You can see people running to the candy once it all fell out. And what did the candy show?!

IT'S A GIRL! We are so excited!!! I cannot wait to meet our sweet little DAUGHTER!!