Monday, February 28, 2011

Celebrating One Year!

As I wrote about yesterday, this weekend we celebrated our one year anniversary.  We kept our celebrations fairly low-key yesterday since we are going on an anniversary trip next weekend. 

We have been going 90 to nothing for the past few weeks so we decided would sleep in on Sunday and just have a lazy day - we slept late, then went and had a late breakfast at The Arcade on South Main. After breakfast we headed out east to get our wedding cake from my aunt's freezer. She had graciously been storing it for us for the past year.

That afternoon we just treated the day like a normal Sunday afternoon and did some laundry, and projects around the house. We watched a movie and played with the dog, and Ben surprised me with two little happys. We had agreed that we would wait and give each other our gifts on our trip next weekend, so it was a fun little surprise to get these little gifts. He gave me the DVD combo-pack of Father of the Bride, and Father of the Bride, part two. I love those movies and did not have them - love it! He also gave me the new Weight Watchers cookbook. He made sure to preface the gift by saying "Don't take this as me saying you're fat, I just thought you'd like it since you're doing weight watchers right now" - haha, he knows me too well. 

Later that night we went back out and had a nice dinner at Automatic Slims - mmm it was delicious! Ben had scallops and I had the salmon.

After dinner we went and had a drink at the Peabody Hotel, then came home to see if the cake was going to be edible....

And surprisingly, it was really good! So kudos to my aunt for doing an awesome job freezing it! It tasted exactly the way it did one year ago! 

And one more picture, just because I think he's so cute :) 


Mrs. S said...

you're making me HUNGRY!!! that cake was SOOO good! our's was actually pretty good one year later too ;)


Christin said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Can email me so I have your email address? For some reason, I can't click your "email" link. Thanks!!!

Whitney said...

Y'all are just so stinkin' cute :)

aLiCia* said...

Congrats on 1 year! I love your blog design. It was so nice to meet you. I had so much fun:) and I'm doing ww too - are you going to meetings or doing it online?

{av} said...

yay for anniversaries! we'll be celebrating our first in April! you look beautiful in all your pictures :) xoxo {av}

Christin said...

Happy anniversary!