Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hodge Podge of weekend update

Last weekend Ben was wanting to "do something." Do you ever have those days? When sitting around the house isn't doing it for you?  So a few friends came over to watch the Ravens vs. Steelers game. Two of our friends, Reid and Kate, came over and they are quite comical to watch NFL football with - ESPECIALLY Ravens/Steelers games beacuse Kate is from Baltimore and Reid is from Pittsburg. They are both extreme fans. Being a southern girl and loving the SEC, I do not understand this love for NFL teams, but I embrace their love for their teams.  There is quite a bit of yelling at each other, name calling, and insults towards the other teams. It's pretty funny to sit back and watch - but I wouldn't want to be apart of it!

We were going to the Grizzlies vs. Mavericks game after the football game so we stopped by a bar for the last few minutes of the football game so Reid and Kate could decide who got bragging rights for the rest of the night.

Here they are in all their rivalry glory!  So the Steelers won and we headed to the Grizzlies game.

Once at the Grizz game, Ben was in for a little fun. Our friend, Eric, works for the Grizzlies and had asked Ben if he would be apart of a skit for that game.  As a result of being in the skit, we got awesome seats!

But a few minutes later, the mascot, Grizz came by with three baby bears and they slammed him in the face with a cake and three cupcakes! Luckily they had given him a shirt to change into before hand because cake and icing were EVERYWHERE!

I couldn't take any pictures while it was happening, so this was right after it happened before Ben got to shower off in the locker room.  Ben was a really good sport about it. 

And here are a few more pictures from the night.