Tuesday, January 11, 2011


       There was talk of snow a week ago... but I didn't believe it. Sure there was a 70% chance of snow but Memphis has this  invisible shield around it that somehow always seems to push weather north or south of us. As Sunday came closer it seemed that maybe the weather man was correct and we maybe, just maybe, would get snow!

        Well, as it always happens when the S word (snow) is mentioned in the south, everyone went ran to the grocery store to load up on milk, water, bread and eggs.  I've never understood this - has anyone in the south ever been "snowed in" longer than a day or so? Why do you need cases (yes, multiple) of water, several gallons of milk, several dozen eggs, and enough bread to feed a small army. Come on people! Yes, we were guilty of going to the store on Sunday but we hadn't been since before Christmas! We needed food! We bought ingrediants to make chili because if I get to sit and watch snow fall I want to eat something warm and delishous and drink hot chocolate with lots and lots of marshmellows.

        By 8pm on Sunday the snow was collecting on the ground and I found out that school was cancelled on Monday! WHOO! Snow Day! Since Ben has a long commute each morning he decided he would probably stay home as well since no one here knows how to drive in the snow and he didn't want to sit in traffic for hours on end.

        Monday we woke up to about 5 inchs of BEAUTIFUL snow! We were dog sitting for a neighbor so we loaded up with clothing and set out to let the dogs play in the snow. I wore about 5 layers of pants and 5 shirts, plus a coat! I was NOT going to be cold! I may look like a huge marshmellow, but I was going to be warm!

             Once we decided the dogs were good and tired we headed back home - our neighbors were playing outside and ran straight up to Ben and started hitting him with snow balls. Their parents told us that they woke up at 6:30 this morning and the first thing they said "I want to throw snowballs at Mr. Ben!"

Ben looks thrilled by this doesn't he? haha
              Being the southern girl that I am, my snowman skills are seriously lacking. Our neighbors are from New York so they were more than excited to teach me to build a snowman. The kids got cold and lost interest pretty quickly so we decided to make the snowman a snowwoman.... and somehow she turned into a drag queen that looks to have had a pretty rough night the night before - her eye makeup is running all over her face! 

Drag-Snow Queen

        Sadly the snow will probably be gone when we wake up tomorrow, but it sure was fun while it lasted. At least when it comes and goes so quickly, you can't get tired of it :)  And we can honestly say, we survived snowpocalypse 2011.


SouthernBelleJM said...

Your "snow queen" is too cute:)