Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Ben!

Saturday was Ben's 28th birthday - I woke up bright and early to prepare his birthday chair and make him breakfast.

Growing up my mom always filled out chair at the table with our favorite candy, snacks, or money and it was waiting for us when we woke up, along with the number of ballons that represented our age that year and one gift to open that morning.  I was not about to blow up 28 ballons, but I wanted to continue on the birthday chair tradition with our new little family. I bought all of Ben's favorite junk food and loaded down the chair!

After breakfast Ben and I went and volunteered at a 5K that the school I work for was putting on. I had signed up to run it but Ben didn't seem to like that I had volunteered him to work and then was going to leave him alone - so I skipped running and helped him out.

That afternoon our friend Greg had a cookout for Ben then we all went to a Mississippi Riverkings hockey game. Yes, I too find it ironic that Mississippi has an ice hocky team! As a little surprise for Ben I had a cake made for him. He always jokes that where we live is "Ben's Island" and he likes pirates (yes, my husband is a 5 year old trapped in a 28 year olds body!) so I had a "Ben's Island" cake made.

Happy Birthday, Love. I hope it was the best birthday ever - you deserve it! 



Mindy said...
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Whitney said...

Love the idea of a gift chair! So so sweet!!

Whitney said...

Yay! The comments work now!

memphis belle said...

The Riverkings were called the Memphis Riverkings and played at the Mid-South Coliseum. The Coliseum closed in 2006. I always found it funny that Memphis had a hockey team. I found it even funnier that the Coliseum was specifically built as a hockey arena for the old Memphis hockey team the Wings(South Star). Memphis does a lot of weird things. :)

memphis belle said...

oh, Happy Late Birthday to Ben!