Wednesday, September 17, 2008

well I declare!

a few weeks ago, our good friends JC and Merrie were over hanging out, and Mr.C and I were voicing our frustrations about being out of town every weekend. Ya see, since April we have been gone at least every other weekend, if not several weekends back to back. Our frustration with this is that we haven't been able to find a good church home. He and I were both brought up in different denominations (me: Baptist him: Catholic/Methodist) so finding a church we both like and feel comfortable in has, needless to say, been difficult. You throw being gone all the time in that mix and it's nearly impossible.

So - while telling JC and Merrie about this, they were explaining how they have been going through the same thing. Merrie just moved to Memphis a few months ago to be with JC, and they are getting married in November. Their wedding is out of state, so they are gone as much, if not more than we are.

They told us about this Bible Study they had started going to on Tuesday nights and invited Mr. C and I along. We both jumped at the opportunity. While we are gone on the weekends, we are always here during the week - especially on Tuesdays! So last night we all loaded up and headed to Bible Study. It meets each week at a different persons house.

Now, if you noticed before I said I grew up in a Baptist church. I also went to a Baptist college. I ate, slept, and breathed Baptist until I was about 20 and realized there was more to life than being Baptist! (not really - I'm totally exaggerating) But the one thing it did take me a while to realize after leaving my sheltered South Alabama, Baptist life is that alcohol is not from Satan! I know now that I will not die and go to hell for having a glass of wine or a margarita if I so choose. Hallelujah Thank ya Jesus! (again, I am exaggerating about this as well)

Please do not get me wrong on this. I love the Lord with all my heart, and I am not bashing Baptists (or any other denomination) - I'm just stating what my thoughts on alcohol were a bit demented.

MOVING ON! I'm getting so sidetracked. Bible Study. So we walked into this home (HUGE, GORGEOUS HOME) and everyone was on the back patio socializing. The four us of went to say hello to everyone, and then I saw it: the alcohol. I must admit; I was slightly taken aback. Alcohol as BIBLE STUDY?! Even when the preacher started teaching, people were just drinking a beer, reading their Bible, asking questions. It was such a surreal moment for me. Even though I've come to a place where I no longer see drinking as a bad thing, seeing it in that environment was too weird. I guess I still saw it as something that was ok to do - just not in church (or a church like setting).

But hey, Jesus drank wine and taught. Why shouldn't we drink wine and learn? I think I'm going to enjoy this Bible Study!


Jenna said...

I think that is so cool. When I was in college, I was invovled with a really great ministry that met on Sunday nights at a bar - it was called Late Night. We didn't serve alcohol but it was to break away from that regular "church atmosphere" that makes a lot of people (especially college students) uncomfortable. We had really good music and our college minister spoke and people loved it! We always had tons of people that didn't want to do the normal church thing show up - Christians, non-Christians, other religions, all kinds of people!

I think things like that and instances like your Bible study last night just reiterate the point that the focus shouldn't be about "this is wrong" or "this denomination says this" so on. There is a place for that of course, but in the end the most important thing is our relationship with God and with other people. That's where the focus should be!

Sorry I just wrote a book. In conclusion (ha), I want to come to your Bible study!! :)

Modelmental said...

i really don't think that's a bad idea. maybe if we can stop squishing our faith into prescribed boxes, it can be a bigger part of our everyday lives. i'd like that anyway!

Megan said...

Hey did you get my email?

Mallory and Kenny said...

We are having the same problem too! We have been going to Sunday services when we can for two years but don't feel like we are part of the church because we have been reluctant to join a sunday school class because we would miss so much. Part of it is that we are out of town and then the other part is when we stay in town we are so tired from being out of town that we want to sleep in on Sundays. That is terrible I know!

Is it just our age?

E.B. in Tennessee said...

Man, why can't I find a Bible study like that around where I live?!!!
I am going through the same thing you are. I grew up in a Baptist church, but it was most definitely NOT your typical Baptist church. We withdrew from the Southern Baptist Convention in 2000, and now it is with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.
Since I met my husband (and moved to TN), we have been going to his VERY Southern Baptist church. The people are wonderful but a lot of things bother me about it -- everything is so black and white there. It is not how I was raised or how I think! And yes, I could care less about what people think of me going into a liquor store to buy my favorite wine!
We've been praying about it and planning to visit other churches. I hope you continue to enjoy your new Bible study! Cheers! :)

Whitney said...

So glad you got plugged into a Bible study. That is great!

I think the alcohol would have definitely freaked me out, too. Hmmm - I've never seen that before!

I hope you learn a ton from your new study. Let Him use you!

Sarah Amelia said...

Oh that is too funny! I would never expect that - let me know if you two go back! Miss your beautiful face!!!

reAnimated said...

I heard they served Coors Banquet at the last supper. Now thats classy.

Jenn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments! I appreciate it. Feel free to stop by whenever!