Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Girlfriend of the year award

Yep, that's what Im hoping to win!

I don't have to inform you that football season is among us. And if you've been around my blog for long you are aware at what a HUGE University of Tennessee fan Mr. C (and his family) is. Well, our weekly trips to Knoxvegas (knoxville) are fast approaching. Every home UT game is quite an ordeal for Mr. C's family. His parents down for every.single. game from Virginia, and Mr.C and I will be driving over for His parents throw this huge tailgate for Mr. C, his sister, and all of their friends. I went to two games/tailgates last year but Mr. C and I were still a pretty new couple so I wasn't sure what to expect. Well this year I want help. I've asked his mom if I could make some food to bring for any of the games and she always says no. But I want to do something.

Does anyone have any cute/good/impressive/girlfriend of the year worthy tailgate good ideas? It needs to be something I can make a day or two ahead and doesn't need to be refrigerated (preferably) .


Sam (TEOI) said...

I don't have any fun recipes, but whenever I need to impress I visit They haven't let me down yet, and it's nice b/c people rate recipes so you sorta know what your getting. Hope that helps!

Me in Memphis said...

I have tickets to the UT/Florida game...looking forward to it! Maybe some football or helmet shaped cookies decorated in UT colors? An orange colored drink that can be mixed with alcohol? UT cupcakes? Trail mix with orange M&M's?

Weeksie50 said...

I am going to a tailgate party this weekend too and I have been asking around.. I have to bring a dessert and I don't have a clue what to take..

Sorry, I couldn't help.
Good Luck.

Thanks for praying for Audra. She is an amazing little girl.


Weeksie50 said...

Oh they sound simply divine! Thank you ever so much.


Megan said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. If you ever need advice/encouragement in that area just shoot me an email! I've been there before! :-)

Whitney said...

How fun! Make some cute little football shaped cupcakes or something! :) That would be fun. Ummm... or you could do a football shaped EVERYTHING party and somehow make every food you bring incorporate football somehow.

adozeneggs said...

Thanks for entering the Cosmo Trivia giveaway.
I think you should make (or order) some football shaped cookies.
I also have a football collection that can be customized.
Aside from cookies, I made a rocky road tart that was a huge hit at a party this summer. It's on my blog somewhere, but it's also a Martha Stewart recipe,so you can do a search on her site! Good luck!