Tuesday, September 16, 2008


1st of all, Mr Right's wedding was great. I'm waiting till I have a moment to get my pictures uploaded before I tell you about it. But I will - promise

But I want to clarify that the title of my last post "HURRY! GO GET GAS" was not me telling you to go get gas. It was merely me making fun/pointing out what people in my life were saying to me. I received a rather..umm... straightforward comment (which has now been deleted) about how I should get a life, stop over reacting to little stuff, and just because the price of gas going up is a problem for me, that doesn't mean it is for anyone else, so who am I tell everyone to "hurry and get gas"

So now ya know.... I wasn't being bossy (don't get me wrong, I've been known to be bossy before).


JKW said...

Oh good grief...that person needs to get a life! By the way...around here you really do need to go get gas. I was talking to the lady that works at the gas station this morning and she said that she talked to "the gas lady" and was told my area would be out of gas before the end of the week. No one here has any regular...limited midgrade...it is crazy...the oil refineries that were not even affected by the storm have closed. So...for some of us...it actually is important!

Weith Kick said...

I went out and bought gas this morning because I was fearful gas was going to start going up again and then I called my wife and told her "go get gas." At least my tank if full

Richard Whackman said...

As odd as it may sound, I actually like getting hostile comments on my blog. Not leaving them, just receiving them. It's fun to respond to them. I got one that said "WHO CARES!?" and had a great time with it.

Anyway, I gassed up yesterday. Just in case you're wondering.