Monday, February 6, 2012

We are Moving!!

Wow, what a crazy month is has been! If having a baby weren't enough, we have just packed up our house in Memphis and moved to Nashville!

About a week after Mary Hayes was born, Ben interviewed for a job in Nashville. When he went for the interview, I thought "IF he gets it, they will offer it to him in two-three weeks, then he will start a month or so after that.... We'll have plenty of time to get the house ready, pack everything up, find a place to live, and say goodbye to our friends." Well, God had other things in mind! Ben was offered the job on the spot, and they wanted him to start ASAP. He asked to start Feb 1 and they said okay. That was about 3 weeks. Three weeks to do all the things I thought we would have two months to do. Not to mention we had a one week old daughter that had to be factored into this!

Ben turned in his resignation at his job in Memphis, his parents came and helped up start packing up the house, and we had one free day to come find a place to live. I was worried sick about the whole housing situation, but the Lord led us to a great little townhouse. It's much smaller than our house in Memphis, so alot of our things are in storage, but it's a great place to live until we sell our house and get to know Nashville well enough to know what part of town we want to buy in.

We moved in two days after MH turned a month old. Today she is six weeks! Wow time flies!!

We are slowly adjusting. I have good days and bad days. I really miss our friends in Memphis, but I know in time I will make friends here too.

Ben is liking his new job and I'm so thankful for that. I'm excited to see what this chapter of our life has to hold!!


Whitney said...

It's crazy how things happen like that! Especially with you and Alicia. I miss y'all both so much. I need to make a pit stop in Nash come soon!!!

Amanda S said...

BOO! :( I miss you! And I want to see that sweet baby!