Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Month Old!

1 Month
Weight: 9lbs 1oz
Length: 21 1/2 inches
Head Circumference: 14 1/2 cm

Dear Mary Hayes,

I cannot believe you are one month old! I tell your dad all the time that it just feels like we left the hospital yesterday, and at the same time, it f eels like you've been with us for years. You have brought more joy to our lives in one month than I ever could have imagined. You are the most content and sweet baby. You rarely cry and you're just happy to be with us. You do not, however, like to be left alone! If we put you in the swing then walk away, you only last a minute or two before you start crying. But if we are in the room with you while you're swinging you will stay there for hours.

You're a champion sleeper! During the night when I was feeding you every three hours, I would have to literally wake you up to feed you from a stone cold sleep. Once the Dr. said I could just let you sleep as long as you wanted, it became rare for you to wake up more than once during the night. I'm very thankful for this because, as you will learn when you're older, your Mama loves her sleep :) You're also a great eater (again, like your Mama!). The first week or so after you were born you had some trouble eating, and we had to feed you through a syringe! It was very time consuming, but I  didn't mind because I just wanted you to gain weight and be healthy.  When you were born your tongue was tied and this made it difficult for you to eat. But a week after you were born we had your tongue tie clipped and you were able to eat so much better after that. Don't worry - the clipping of your tongue didn't hurt! You didn't even cry. I was so proud of you!

When you were in the hospital, your dad and I had so much fun loving on you. We stayed as long as they would let us because we were both a little nervous to take you home! One day you will look at these pictures and laugh, because you will know right away who put that  Tennessee hat on you and who put the pretty pink dress on you :)

The day we took you home I was nervous, and excited. I was showered, dressed, and all packed up by 7:00 that morning, but they did not let us leave until 10:30am. The nurses at the hospital would not let us leave without you being in a carseat. Your dad, of course, thought this was such a silly thing - and you  did not like it one bit! We did not want to give you a pacifier, but when we put you in the carseat, you were so upset I gave you a paci to see if it would calm you down. You stopped crying immediately! I couldn't believe how tiny you looked in your seat, and I was so nervous to have you in the car I rode in the backseat the whole way home with you. You didn't cry or anything, you just sucked on your paci and looked around.

The first two weeks of your life, each of your grandparents  and all of your aunts, uncles, and cousins came to visit you.( I didn't get pictures of everyone!) Grandma Cara, Grandpa Bob, and KayKay visited you in the hospital, and everyone else came once you got home.

Noah and Eden LOVED you. Eden called you May Hayes most of the time, but one time she called you Harry Mayes. I hope that name doesn't stick :) When I was giving you a bath, Noah looked at you and said "She looks like a weirdo." When I asked him what a weirdo looks like, he pointed at you and said "it looks like that."

KayKay was so excited to be with all of her grandchildren at one time. Noah did not want to get in the picture, but Eden loved kissing you and singing to you. I hope y'all grow up to be great friends.

You are so beautiful. Baa (Aunt Abby) and I had so much fun taking hundreds of pictures of you!

Dad loves spending time with you. The picture where you're wearing your tutu was from his birthday. He was so proud to show you off at his birthday party. He also likes looking at pictures on the iPad with you.

We went on a walk in the park before you were even a week old! The weather was so warm, which is very unusual for December, and I had been lying down for 5 days, so we decided to take advantage of the great weather and go for a walk. One day you will know how much this thrilled your Doc. :)

Your first bath. Oh my, you screamed and  screamed during your first bath. As a matter of fact, you screamed and screamed through every bath until your cord fell off and you were able to actually get in the water. Now you love your baths. You smile and kick the whole time.

One morning I woke up and fed you. When you were finished I was sitting there talking to you and you started smiling. These pictures are of your first smile. It was so unbelievably cute :)

One big thing that happened during your first month was that we moved to Nashville. It kind of saddens me that you will never know Memphis, but I know that you will have a great life in Nashville. Charlotte and Madi lived across the street from us in Memphis. They were so excited the whole time I was pregnant to meet you and play with you. They came over quite a bit the first month you were home to visit you, hold you, and talk to you. You even went over to their house and "played" while mom and dad packed up the house. They were very sad to see you move. 

My sweet child, I love you more than you will ever know. I have so many hopes and dreams for you and I cannot wait to see you grow up. 

I love you!
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