Thursday, August 21, 2008

Um, Mindy? Where's the cheese?

So I'm a few days late on this post, but this past weekend was mine and Ben's 1 year anniversary. No, we aren't married. Yes, we're only dating. Yes, I know it's lame. Whatever - I do what I want. :)

Anyway - the whole weekend was a a blast. Friday night we decided to hang out with our friend G-round. Well having G-round over turned into having C-squared and her boy Jersey, Beckster, Roommate and his woman(I haven't come up with a name for her just yet), Lil Kinko, LeDouche, and our friends JHJ (Yes, I know.... you need a better name.) over as well. We had a blast. It rained all night so we just hung out at Ben's, ate too much, played some games and watched an amazing Michael Phelps race.

For quite sometime I've been wanting a bicycle, so Ben told me on Saturday morning that he was getting me a bicycle for our anniversary. I was beyond excited! We hit the road and headed to some bike shops. The first one was closed, and the second one was not helpful. We were in there for a good 15 mins and not one single person acknowledged we were there. Hi? Yes, I know I'm fat and I don't look like I belong on a bike! But I want a bike dangit! HELP ME!!

The unhelpful bike shop happened to be right across the street from the place I worked when I was in college.I'm still good friends with my boss from that job and Ben has never met her. So I grabbed Ben and we ran inside real quick so they could meet. Little did I know when I dragged my UT Vols fan boyfriend, who was obviously wearing a bright orange UT t-shirt, into a University of Memphis bookstore, that Joey Dorsey - the #1 player for the UofM basketball team (aka huge local celebrity) would be in there signing autographs. What happened when I went trapsing in with my obnoxiously orange boyfriend? Oh, Joey Dorsey asked him to leave. Ha! No joke! He said "Um, excuse me. You need to go." we laughed... Joey said "no, I'm not kidding. leave." Yes, it was awkward. No, we didn't leave.

Ok I'm getting on with it. I'm getting sidetracked - sorry. We finally left the bookstore where Ben was hated and made one last stop at a different bike shop in hopes of finding a bike. Ben had given me the lecture of "we don't have to buy something today. blah blah blah" yea, yea, I know.... let's get on with it. We finally found a helpful soal and he explained everything I would never need to know about a bike - and more. I "test drove" a few around the parking lot before finally decided on my beauty.

Here she is in all her glory.

Don't you just love her? I do.

I'm going to skip a good bit because I know I'm losing you. Sunday was our actual anniversary. We went and did a little shopping, had a delicious brunch, then went and had a little bike ride. It was so much fun. Sunday night Ben surprised me and took me to The Melting Pot. Yum! I love love that place! Ben had never been to a fondue restaurant, but he loved it too! Only thing was, he was soo confused when they brought out the meat part of the meal. They got the broth stuff cooking, and when the guy left Ben looked and me and said "where's the cheese?" With a confused look on my face I said "the cheese is only the 1st partof the meal. we already ate that." He then went on to explain that he though "fondue" meant "cheese" and cheese was a part of every course. really honey? You wanted to cook your steak in cheese? And what about the chocolate? Cheese and chocolate? I don't think so. It took him awhile to realize they weren't bringing us more cheese, but in the end I think he finally figured it out.


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Great new bike! I love bike riding and can't wait to have a garage to keep my bike in in St. Louis (I'm in a condo now and it's annoying!).