Monday, August 18, 2008

Ideas? Suggestions?

My creativity is running low -

Ben's house is coming together nicely. We've got it looking like we want it..... all except one thing.

this big, blank wall space behind the couch. I hate it. Ben agrees that something needs to be there, but us agreeing on what it should be is another story. We went and looked around yesterday to see what we could find, and the only thing Ben even remotely liked was a picture of horses running through a field. My thoughts? NOPE! Not happening!

We have hung several iron pieces in other parts of the room so we need something else - something with color and interest. All of you are so creative I thought I'd see what ideas you had. Since it's Ben's house it needs to be something a male would be ok with.



Valarie Lea said...

Ok, I am not sure if he would like this or not, but go to the following links. You might like some of the ides.