Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Two Months Old

Weight: 10lbs 8oz
Head Circumference:
(Will update these after her appt on Thursday!)

Dear Mary Hayes,

My sweet child, you are two months old. How did that happen? You are growing so quickly!! Part of me is sad by how fast time is going by and how quickly you're growing and changing, but the other part of me loves seeing you develop your own little personality. Your dad and I just laugh and marvel at all the things you are doing now.

This month you have really started smiling a lot and "talking" to us. You smile when you see us, and that just delights our souls. I love getting you out of bed  because when you see me, you get the biggest smile on your face and you start cooing. I could sit and listen to you talk to me all day long.

You've also started becoming interested in toys this month. You have a little playmat that we lay you under and it has a mirror  and toys hanging off of it. You love being under this and you just smile and talk the whole time. I have a video of you the first time you reacted to seeing yourself in the little mirror. Actually, I think I took five or six videos. You will enjoy looking at them one day.

Dad gives you your bath every night, and you still love this so much. He talks to you and asks you what kind of music you want to listen to, then he turns on the iPad and y'all rock out while you're taking your bath.  Your favorite part of bath time is when he lets you "swim" - he says you smile and talk to him the whole time. After he bathes you, he gets you dressed in your pajamas and then he reads you a book. I can already tell how much you love your daddy. You stare at him so intently when he talks to you. He also likes to play this game with you where he sticks out his tongue and tries to get you to do the same thing. Sometimes you stick yours back out at him - you won't ever do this  for me!!

Here you are with your bunny that Aunt Millie gave you. Every month I am going to take your picture with this bunny so we can see how much you're growing!

The dress you have on in this picture was Baa's (Aunt Abby) when she was a baby! It's so much fun seeing you wear the clothes that she and Aunt Kelli wore when they were little. It has a bonnet that goes with it, but you HATED wearing it and pitched a fit when you had it on.

You did a lot of things for the first time this month. One of those things was you left the state of Tennessee for the first time! You and I went down to Alabama for KayKay and Baa's birthdays. Dad was nervous about us driving that far by ourselves, but you were a trooper in the car and you never cried one time!

While we were in Alabama you got to meet your great-grandparents, Memaw and Papaw. Papaw didn't want to take any pictures because he wasn't feeling well, but Memaw sure wanted to take a lot! She loved getting to meet you. We went to her house and visited with her everyday while we were down there. Memaw and  Papaw are Doc's parents. I hope you get to know them and will remember them. They are such sweet and  precious people.

You also went to your first sporting event while we were in Alabama! Of course you pretty much slept through the whole thing, but you went to Baa's softball game. This is a picture of you two right after the game - you're still asleep! On the way back to Doc and  KayKay's house I was looking at you and you just looked like you had changed so much, so I snapped these other pictures. I hope you know how much I love you. 

These pictures are just a few I snapped with my phone along the way. I'll do better next month at taking more pictures :)

I love you so much!!

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