Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Here I am, back for my second post. I had forgotten the feeling I used to get when I was blogging a few years ago. The feeling of always thinking, in the back of my mind, about what I was going to post about next. Well, unfortunately for you that thinking has not gotten me very far today!

I cannot believe it is almost JULY! Seriously, where has this summer gone? Thankfully I have been blessed with some down time and have been able to spend a day or so a week at the pool. This is the first summer in SO. LONG. that I have been able to do that!

Since we live in the HOT HOT south, we like to treat ourselves our dog to tasty treats to keep him cool. Last night we took him to get his favorite treat....

Yes, Ice Cream. This pup LOVES sonic! When we pull into the parking lot he starts whimpering, and when he sees the sonic girl walk by he starts LICKING HIS LIPS! Oh, I wish I were making it up. I've never actually seen anyone/thing lick it's lips in anticipation for food (well other than cartoons...). He usually devours the whole thing - cone and all - in about 10 seconds. If dogs get brain freeze, he has to be in pain afterwards.

Do you have any fun treats you do to keep your pets or children cool when it's so hot out?